NFTs are unique digital items that need to be collectible in the blockchain process. They are easily and without problems able to be used in virtual games as suitable characters, act as consumables, with their help it is possible to buy tokens from other players and make good money on it! NFT-games have become a well-known and hassle-free way to make money in the Game-fi industry, which are well-known game projects on the blockchain.

It is important to consider all the key risks – cooperation is required only with well-known service providers. Carefully learn about all possible risks! Especially rare heroes can bring a lot of profit, and in general, players either fight among themselves or are engaged in mapping. NFT games they gain success because gambling gives a chance to win with the help of crypto skills.

Best NFT games

Axie Infinity – one of the best game on this platform! This Pokemon-style competition was created using Ethereum and was able to provide zero percentages when making transactions! Another famous blockchain game is Splinter lands nother famous blockchain game is Splinterland . This is card entertainment in online mode. Luck will help those who can well pick up the key to their luck and sensibly assess their own strength!

Waves Ducks it also makes fans very happy to earn money. The principle of this competition is the need to breed ducks. The rarer the genotype of this duck is, the more valuable it is. The game currency is tokens that you need to earn or purchase. Players will need to skillfully cross the most suitable individuals and achieve the desired result, although this will obviously be a very difficult task, and the genotype itself will be sold to other players. Note that the most expensive individual was sold… for a million dollars! Maybe it’s worth playing?

NFT games list what other games are highly popular?

The list of nfs games includes such well-known ones as

  • Gods Unchained
  • Lost Relics
  • The Six Dragons
  • Lives Arena
  • Neon District
  • Wars Riders
  • Somnium Space.

A special place Gods Unchained obviously – this exciting game is very much like an ordinary solitaire card or other gambling entertainment. The player buys the missing cards in his combinations, constantly comes up with incredibly complex fighting strategies, and also bluffs in front of the players and uses other methods to achieve his own goals. The game token can be used on different platforms. Using this crypt, you can not only update the characters, but also receive a well-deserved reward or receive additional bonuses and incentives.

There is also a place for fans of shooters who want to shoot in the company of their friends. Neon District provides its players with the option not only to earn by playing, but to pump up their own skills to create their own heroes and choose a wide variety of game locations, of which there are incredibly many and their number is constantly increasing! In a word, fans of various types of games, including shooting games, arcades and other types of them have a place to roam in the world of blockchain!

New NFT games

New NFT games continue to conquer the whole world! In 2022, many of them have already earned respect, but there are also promising novelties of this market. Among them , he enjoys special love Thetan Arena the meaning of this game is very simple – create your own team and participate in battles, get the game currency as a reward and enjoy the amazing gameplay. Money inside this entertainment can be earned by farming, staking or reselling the currency inside. DOTA fans will love this game, and here you can not only win, but also improve your own professional capabilities.

Star Atlas the latest entertainment in the blockchain industry.Here everything is happening in the distant future. The main characters are divided into three races. Their tasks are simple – to build space bases, explore the far reaches of the universe, as well as to carry out battles with other heroes of the competition. The game is distinguished by its amazing graphics and richness of locations!

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