Best ROI NFT Games

From the time when NFT appeared, we all began to understand that NFT is an item that carries real value. This gives you the opportunity to carry out any operations with them, such as selling, or buying them on the market. In this article, we will tell you about Best ROI NFT Games. 

Let’s first understand what ROI NFT games are. The abbreviation ROI itself stands for return on investment. It turns out that these are games with the help of which you will profit from investing in it. How does it work and what does it depend on? Basically, you invest in the game and make the purchase of various items, resources, in-game tokens, and much more. Thanks to this, you can receive passive income, that is, you will sit on the couch and receive money. Below we will describe and tell you the best NFT games to invest in.

1. Decentraland

This game project is a hefty virtual world running on the blockchain. The Decentraland game makes sense to compare the principles of real-life and virtual life in one place. Here you can also explore, trade, buy, and exchange. Users of this project are free to create whatever they want. 

Due to the fact that this is not an ordinary video game, but an NFT game, NFT avatar is available to you in the form of a game token. The game is very simple and easy as its requirements are for your specifications, you only need a web browser to start playing it. The project consists of three layers, which together give the output of a well-built virtual online world. 

The easiest way to make money on this project is to invest in a resource such as land. This is the most popular NFT item in this game. How to get a high profit on this? You buy land as assets, the plots of which you can sell or rent to other users who will actively build whatever they want on them. This way of earning income in real life is comparable to buying an apartment or a private house for rent. Thus, you will receive passive income.

2. My Crypto Heroes

The project provides an opportunity for you to profit from the gameplay and from investments in it. This is the best way to play the RPG genre because you will be collecting your historical heroes such as Leonardo da Vinci or Napoleon. To get these heroes, you first need to buy in-game currency, that is, invest some amount of money there. 

This is a role-playing game, the main essence of which is battles with other users. You can buy, upgrade your heroes, upgrade their level, attack other fortresses, fight with players, but its main feature and advantage is its profitability. It is very high compared to other games in this industry. According to our statistics, the profit of this project reaches 20 percent per month. This is a very good indicator.

3. Cryptovoxels

The principle and mechanics of this game may remind you of Minecraft because in it you will also need to create your own world. This is an NFT project, which gives you the opportunity to invest in it and earn decent money from it. The game is a world in which users must create their own personal worlds. How do profit from this? You create NFT on your piece of land. The more plots of land and NFT-built items you have there, the more profit you will receive.

4. Blockchain Cuties Universe

The essence of this project is very simple. You need to invest money in the game and buy yourself Cuties characters, which are the in-game currency and the NFT token. You can play, buy, sell and even breed your Cuties naturally. To do this, you will need two characters who are not relatives. How to profit from investing in this game? When getting characters, expect when they rise in price, thus making a profit.

5. Cryptokitties

This game was launched to play back in 2017. What features are available to you in this game? You have such opportunities as owning virtual cats, buying, selling, and the rest. You can even crossbreed your kitten with another user’s kitten. The peculiarity of these cats is that they are all different, with their own characteristics and set of attributes. This is what makes them valuable and unique in the market. Those who breed and sell cats in this game have already earned a lot of money. This is an easy way to make a profit.

6. MLB Champions

Launched in 2018 is a collectible baseball game. Your task is to create your dream team and fight against other teams run by other players. Your team will consist of game cards that represent real MLB players with real stats. What are the features of this game? It has a large number of online users, so the game can live and grow. An additional income source for this game is tournaments with high prize pools, which are played frequently. Don’t miss out on the chance to take part in them. This game is sure to appeal to sports fans.

7. Crazy Defense Heroes

This is a blockchain-based game in the Tower Defense genre, where you pass levels and improve your army. This game is very simple and anyone can easily figure it out. The nice graphics and simple mechanics of the game will pleasantly surprise you. 

How can I profit from this game? The first way is to earn 16 stars a day, the stars you get for completing levels and stars depending on how good you are at completing levels and tasks. You receive three stars for completing missions perfectly. If you have 16 stars, you’ll unlock a secret chest with valuable rewards. Every day you will get more and more game tokens, which can be exchanged for real money. According to statistics from the game’s developers you can get around 55 quid a month just by collecting these stars. 

The second way to earn is to get as much experience as possible. What you need to earn you need to get at least 315000 XP. The harder the level the more XP you get. You can buy and sell NFT items in the game and you can also join games and tournaments for a fee.

8. Bomb Crypto

The advantage of this cryptocurrency project is the relatively inexpensive entry into it. First, you need to buy a character with a cryptocurrency called Bombcrypto. The essence of this game is that your characters work and earn money for you, the more characters you have, the more profit you will receive. Thanks to the game token, you have the opportunity to exchange items, buy, invest, fight monsters, and much more.


After you have read the above, you know about the top 8 projects on our “Best ROI NFT Games” list. This allows you not only to play games for fun but also to earn money by investing in such projects. We have described in detail how and how these games work and how you can invest and receive money.

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