NFT Free to Play Games

These days, many people are unsuccessful in their job search. What if we told you that earning money is right on the surface, right in your computer or smartphone? You probably wouldn’t believe it, or you just wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.

In 2022 there are many different ways to make money. There are hard, easy, fast, long, with and without investment ways to earn a steady income. One such way is through NFT games. Yes, yes, you are not wrong. It is an NFT game.

At the moment there are NFT games that do not require investment. As you have understood, if you start to play and make money on them you do not need to invest anything there. And there is a second category of NFT projects, these games require investment. As a rule, in games of the second type, your earnings will be higher, but there will also be risks.

If you are not ready to take risks and invest money in game projects, this article “NFT free to play games” is for you.

In this article, we will write a list of games that can bring the most money to you, that have attractive gameplay, and tell you about the most important, how you can make money just by playing these innovative projects.

1. The Sandbox

This is a full-fledged metaverse where landowners can create their own mini-games for other people to play and earn money. At the moment, seasons are being released in the Sandbox. And last season it was possible to earn about $300 per account. Those people who have taken care to create many more accounts have therefore earned much more. Season 3 is not far off and we will see it very soon. We advise you to prepare your accounts beforehand.

2. Arena Of Glory

The gameplay in this game is not very rich, but the main advantage of this game is that it’s free and you can really earn in it without investing. The lack of rich gameplay in this project is even a plus for you, especially for beginners, because you won’t need the skills that are important in some games.

In this game, you will start an adventure, and when the adventure ends, you get game coins, which you can sell right away and get real money. It’s all very simple. You don’t have to shoot anywhere, you don’t have to do anything.

Of course, of course, you do not have to pin your hopes that you will earn thousands of dollars on this game without investing a penny, it’s not true. But to get such a nice bonus in the form of a small amount of money we think no one is against it. But nevertheless, such adventures are always updated and thus you can farm coins infinitely, thus increasing their income. But there are some tasks in the requirements of which lies the main condition – is the presence of any NFT to start this adventure.

Given the fact that in this game to make money you do not need to invest, we believe it is attractive for beginners who have not yet reached any skills but are just starting to discover the world of NFT games. You should take a closer look at it.

3. Karmaverse Zombie

Karmaverse is a platform that positions itself as a metaverse like Decentraland, Sandbox, and a number of other metaverses, that is, there will be many different games on this platform. As the developer of this game says, the most important thing is that the game does not require investment in it to start playing and earning income.

This game project works on phones. Go from free-to-play to play-to-earn. The game is very interesting, but at the same time simple, and in principle you could already play similar games before, the essence of which is to collect three or more items in a row, thus defeating various monsters and opponents.

In general, it is really interesting to play, you can develop your base, increase it and, accordingly, you can collect just different items in a row and at the same time earn real cryptocurrency on this. Here we will earn such currencies as Serum and KNOT. The KNOT currency is used to purchase in-game NFTs and for base upgrades. If you don’t want to buy anything, improve and spend your money, then you just need to play, earn Serum and sell it.

But where without the minuses of the game and its pitfalls? In this game, there are three nuances when withdrawing coins. The first nuance is that there will be a commission for the withdrawal, it is not large, but it is present. The second nuance is that in order to withdraw funds, your team must have a total capacity of 3000 units, or simply have 3 NFT fighters. And the last nuance is that there is a minimum withdrawal and it is equal to 100 Serum coins. These three nuances you definitely need to know before you start playing this project.


This is a new project, the project is very large, with a large audience, and the project even has its own token that is traded on the CoinMarketplace. This is both a game for PC and iPhone owners. It’s very convenient to lie down before going to bed, play, and earn money.

The game will have decks, cards, battles, levels to increase, player ratings, and much more. The gameplay is interesting and you can fight not only in solo mode but also in two-on-two mode. YOU can invite a friend to this game and destroy the enemy together while making money.

This project has very cool mechanics from the developers. The playing fields even move here when you collect items in a row and thereby force the enemy out of the battle. The game is very interesting in that there are no clear favorites in the battles. The outcome of the game can change at any time, which makes it exciting. At the end of the game, you will receive a rating and game coins, so you can upgrade your heroes. Developers will give valuable prizes to the best players in the rating table.

5. Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world 3D RPG powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Like in old-school RPGs, the main task of the players is to defeat rivals in battles, complete quests, and increase their rank. Your rewards will be Evil coins, which are digital assets. NFT Illuvium is a creature with various skills that players can collect and upgrade to win games. On the NFT marketplace, as well as in-game items, you can sell for real money, just like in other games. A game with interesting gameplay and the opportunity to earn, and most importantly, without initial investment.

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