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As you already know NFT games differ from usual video games in the fact that here you can not just play for fun, but also earn money on such entertainment. And as a rule, any kind of such activity requires initial investments to get the income. But if this really is the case, we’ll figure it out in our article “Play NFT Games for Free”. In this list, we will learn with you about the projects that do not need investments. The Minus of this industry is that mostly you don’t have an ability to gather a lot of money, most likely the income will look like a nice bonus for playing this or that project. Below we describe the advantages, disadvantages, gameplay, and how much you can earn from such gaming projects.

1. ChainMonsters

This is an interesting free 2 play project with 3D graphics. The gameplay of the game is quite interesting, you have to investigate different worlds, collect unique creatures, then challenge other players, win and get rewards for it, thus rising up the ranking table.

The good thing about this game is that it runs on a Flow blockchain, which is really cool because this blockchain is reliable and good and it will be very easy to deal with the wallet. You will have all the transactions within the network for free. This is a great advantage because you won’t have to pay any money in commissions as you do on Binance.

Everything here is free. Just log in and get into the playing. The earnings of these games are potentially big as they are just gaining recognition and further growth is expected.


This is a fairly new project and it does not look like other NFT games because it impresses with its amazing graphics, its mechanics, and gameplay.

The gameplay is simple – you will have your own dragon, which you will fight in session battles with other dragons and you will be awarded tokens of this project. As for earning money? Once again, it should be objectively noted that you don’t get an ability to earn a pile on these f2p games.

DRAGONSB can be seen as more of entertainment because it’s not just any cheap project where you click on buttons, it’s really a full action game that contains nice graphics, interesting gameplay, and strategy. There are different modes: PvE, PvP, and Regular Missions.

You can also train your dragon and more. For participating in battles you will receive not only game tokens, but also some NTF in the case of victory, or in the case of participation in a tournament. In our opinion, you should take a closer look at this game. For many, it could be very interesting.


The next game on our “Play NFT Games for Free” list is a pixel project. The purprose of AVEGOTCHI is very simple – you must take avegotchi (this is such a monster from this universe) and with this monster, you will need to gather various crystals. Logic is simple, the more crystals you collect – the more income you can get.

These monsters themselves are very expensive, but you can participate for free. To do so, you simply rent one monster from its owner, for which you simply pay a share of your rewards. Of course, if you want to make a big income you can invest yourself, buy monsters, and rent them out. That way you have a nice, passive income.

4. ERA7

This is a collectible card game, which is gaining more and more popularity, and what she resembles in her mechanics game Splinterlands. But we think that this project is much more interesting and there are many different functions.

You can also play not only for free, but for a fee, and of course, it is worth noting that if you play it only for free, you’ll have to spend a very long time to develop a strategy that would get a decent steady income.

Token of this game shows good growth throughout its existence, so the game is quite ambitious and progressive. You should level up your hero and for new levels, you will be given certain cards that you will be able to use in the future. It’s an interesting enough project that definitely deserves your attention as a free-to-enter project.


The next project with free entry is called ROLLERCOIN. Many of you may have already heard of this game. What is ROLLERCOIN all about? You have a room and a character that you create and choose yourself and you have a computer. And you need to play different games to set up mining installations that will mine real cryptocurrency for you. So you yourself can choose the currency you want to gather and your character will mine that particular token for you.

You play different simple games and after you play them you will get a certain amount of power from your computer, which determines how fast the cryptocurrency is mined. This is really one of the few games with free entry in which you can achieve certain results without investing a penny from your wallet. This project is definitely worth your attention.

6. RevoLand

This is a very promising game that could eventually replace everyone’s favorite mobile game Brawl Stars. This game will feature different heroes with their own superpowers and even their own pets. The game is free, but if you want to get a passive income, you can buy a character and earn from it. To defeat the enemy team, it is not only your individual abilities that are important, but also your teamwork and strategic skills.

7. Ethermon

Ethermon is a sort of mix of Pokemon and Axie Infinity. In this project, you will be able to uniquely transform, evolve, and trade different monsters. Users can use the standard monsters for f2p, but you can also purchase other monsters to participate in skill-based, real-time-dependent fighting matches with other Ethermon users and earn rewards for doing so. By improving your creatures’ and monsters’ levels and skills you will also be rewarded. Game tokens you gather can be easily sold on the Marketplace.


As you may have realized, free NFT games are not exactly about big earnings but rather about encouraging prizes for participation, but even with such games, you can still get a steady income if you want to. We hope you found our article “Play NFT Games for Free” useful. We advise you to look at each game and choose the one that best combines great, interesting gameplay with the opportunity to make a profit.

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