NFT Games

The possibility of additional earnings is always interesting to users, especially if it can be done in their free time and be enjoyable. Earning crypto while playing games is simple and does not require anything special from the user. This is enabled by developers who offer a different set of projects, each of which has its own distinctive features.

Such games differ in game mechanics, but the goal is always the same – to earn income and have fun. Popular games with the possibility of earning are guaranteed to find their fans among the players.

Among the many projects, here are the best play to earn crypto games, which can not only please you with good gameplay, but also the opportunity to earn money. This type of income can become both auxiliary and main – it all depends on the desire of the player to earn money and devote his time to this.

In addition, play to earn crypto games has one indisputable feature, which is the possibility of playing at any time. Some of the projects will really appeal to creative users who can create to embody all their imagination.

What games can you earn

This list of nft playtoearn games is verified – millions of players around the world play them daily and get the opportunity to constantly earn. All the proposed games have one common feature, which is the use of blockchain technologies.

Axie Infinity

One of the popular projects that has existed since 2018 and allows everyone to earn money. A distinctive feature of this nft game is the cultivation of various creatures, which are unique tokens that can be sold to change, etc. The individual cost of each Axie may vary depending on its rarity, stat, and type.

Players can fight with opponents and get profit in the form of in-game tokens. The basis of the project is Ethereum, which is a guarantee of asset security. Axie Infinity is an excellent project for making money, which allows you to have a good time in the process of exciting battles, where you need to show your own ingenuity and choose the right team for the upcoming battle.

Here, nothing limits the user – he can collect any cards of creatures, which will bring good profit in the future.


This project is a huge 3D virtual world that you can explore and earn money. Players here can build any objects, ie. creating a city will be no problem. Every game element can be monetized – many NFT creators offer their work for others. They can be purchased and used in the game. This is a great opportunity to earn money, as everyone can exhibit their work, which has a certain value.

The Sandbox

Fans of creativity and creative potential will appreciate this project. This game is a “sandbox” where everyone can create. Graphically, it is almost identical to the popular MineCraft game among millions. Here, any created item has its own value – they can be bought and sold.

It all depends on the player’s imagination, which allows you to earn tokens and profit from it.


Another sandbox project where you can purchase land, islands, create items and trade them. Feature of the game – full 3D, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. With the help of various NFT elements, players can equip their own land and make it unique.

Chatting with friends and other players is one of the core of the gameplay. this allows you to quickly find buyers and users interested in your items.

This project is one of the most popular and allows you to earn crypto playing games – everyone can devote any amount of free time. The amount of earnings depends on one factor, namely the desire of the player and how much time he is willing to spend in the game.

MyNeighborAlice provides good opportunities for users to not only have a good time, but also make friends and start earning at the same time. Everything has a price here, from trees to various animals. Everything that is created by the player can be sold and get the opportunity to further develop your island or a separate land plot.


In this case, various games are offered, where everyone will find the right one for themselves. The developer took note of all the current issues regarding the possibility of earning income – earn crypto playing games allow everyone to do this. The variety of games will please, as there are various genres, ranging from the popular Tower Defense to projects where you need to constantly craft items.

Many games allow users to easily choose the right project. Also, nothing prevents you from spending time in several projects. This feature makes all Gala games one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrency.

The presented list of projects allows everyone to play to earn crypto games. It doesn’t matter what device you use – the opportunity to earn is provided to everyone.

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