When talking about P2E (playtoearngames) most people immediately think ofTheSandboxand Decentraland. Gala Gamesdecidedto surpass these projects. Unlike the abovementioned games with an open metaverse model, this project defines gameplay as its primary goal.


What NFT games are already available


Five playtoearngamesare currently availableonthe Gala website.The following projects areof particular interest to players.


1. Walking Dead Empires. Thegameisa mixture of survival and farm simulator genres. To survive you have to craft items, improve equipment and own safe plotsofland. All this canbeturnedinto NFT tokens and then traded onthe Gala market.


2. Town Star is a standard farming simulator. The main way toearnmoney is to complete quests. To do this youneedto buy at least one NFT. After that tasks become opened for the completion, which grants players TOWN tokens. For one task you can get from 10 to 100 tokens. There are two types of NFT tokens in the game, the first one affects gameplay. You must have at least one of these NFTs to receive rewards. The other type is only for cosmetic purposes. As in any other NFT game here you can trade, create and collect in-game assets. For example objects, vehicles, real estate or land.


3. Spider Tanks is an analogue of Brawl Stars inthe form ofanNFTgame.Thegame positions itself as a free to playandplaytoearn project at the same time. Theplayer needs toget at least one tank to open all game modes. Tanks are fully customizable both cosmetically and for performance enhancements.


Prospects for Gala NFTGames


Gala Games now have about 1 5 million players worldwide.

GALA and TOWN in-gametokensare listed on Coinbase Binance and other well known exchanges.

New gamesare expected tobe developed and released, as well as additional game tokens.

You can get tokens for achievements and by means ofNFT trading. The cost ofNFTs depends on their exclusivity. There are epic, legendary and ancient items. The most expensive item at the Gala auction is now worth $3 million, another item published on OpenSea is worth 6 ETH. Gala and Town tokens can be stored on any Ethereum compatible crypto wallets, however the developers recommend using MetaMask or Trust Wallet.


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