A project, inspired by the immense success of Animal Crossing, centers around a player managing his own island andearningmoneyfrom it. Inthisgameanyonecancraft different items and characters, build houses, andhave their own property. Thanks to a combinationofplaytoearn format and blockchain technology there is a full fledged gaming assetsmarket ofNFTs inside.

Playtoearn mechanics
Almost all creatable elements in this NFT game can be transformed into digital assets. They canbe exchanged and traded both on MyNeighborAlice internal marketplaceand using external exchanges. Any player canminttheirown NFT cards fromobjects presented inthegame.


Trading takes place by the means of its own currency called ALICE. At the moment the cost ofone ALICE coin is $6. Since the developers have gained partnership with Chromia and Chroma Way, CHR coins are also used as a valid currency in MyNeighborAlice game.

Howtoprofit from MyNeighborAlice
Following can be distinguished from themain play to earn functionality:

  1. There is the possibility of staking Alice.
  2. Renting out,sellingor buying yourvirtualland.
  3. Creating and collecting animals, objects, houses and other things. They canbeturnedinto NFT cards and then put up on thein-game market.
  4. For completing tasks and quests Alice coins are given.

Playtoearn supported by crypto exchanges
ALICE tokensare listed on many crypto exchanges, so they are not difficult to exchange for real money or another cryptocurrency. In addition thegame received support from Binance when over 200 unique animal NFT addresses were implemented on the Smart Chain. This increased the trade turnover by more than 500 thousand dollars.


In March 2021 a project called ALICE Binance Launchpool was launched. With the help of this project users got the opportunity to stake CHR, BNB and BETH, and receive Alice tokens in return.


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