Metaverses and digital lands have been around for a long time. The NFT game The Sandbox, released in 2012, is a representative exactly of this technological sphere.
In the summer of 2020, The Sandbox was reformatted from a simple open world game into a play to earn project, It was announced on the Binance Launchpad platform. The project was created by the former consultant of Eurogroup Consulting France Arthur Madrid together with Sebastian Borge, who previously worked with Activision. In just two years the game received more than 150 million in funding.

What to do in The Sandbox

The game has no victory conditions and no specific scenario. As the name says, this is a complete sandbox. However, players have an ability to create their own scenarios, use and craft objects, locations, lands and structures which later can be traded asgameassets. Not only objects and virtual creatures are created, but also their characteristics.

Sand token inside anNFTgame

Earning or accumulating in-gameobjectsis not enough forTheSandboxto become a full fledged playtoearngame. For this feature to come into life, a native token on the ERC-20 Ethereum network the SAND was introduced intothe gameecosystem.Thetoken’s total supply is now over 3 billion.


Assets in this gamebecome your property by default. Thanks tothe decentralization ofthis project, even if you leave your account forever, everything you created will remain yours forever. The market of this NFT game allows tradingyour property.Any in-game items become your NFT tokens, such as buildingsandobjects. The cost of such tokens depends mainly on the rarity ofyour items. For example, some emerald and gold items are sold for 50 to 100 SAND in the market. In terms of dollars this is up to 300. Of course, there are items that are much more expensive.

Playtoearn or virtual real estate

There is another NFT token in stock called LAND. Each such token isbasically a piece of virtual land whereownerscando whatever they want. The cost is determined by how close your LANDislocated to the lands of celebrities and famous brands. This game allows youto approach theplaytoearngenre from different angles. Trading unique items, renting land or exercising other schemes that come into your imagination.


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