Top 10 NFT games of 2022

It’s no secret that in the year 2022 it’s easier and faster to make money online than we thought. Now people earn on everything: from clothes shops to video games. These are exactly the games we’re going to tell you about in this article, but not usual video games, but NFT games.

These are games that are different in that they run on blockchain and have Non-fungible tokens. In “Top 10 NFT games of 2022” we will present you with ten games that in our opinion are the best in their sphere in terms of earnings/costs/gameplay and much more.

1. Mirandus

The first game is the most expansive and ambitious metagame in terms of real-world economic functionality. It is the flagship project with Gala Games behind it. The game features both NFTs and its own in-game cryptocurrency.

In terms of gameplay, it’s an online multiplayer game with roleplay capability. A real metaverse with a fully player-owned economy. Towns, villages, shops – all of it will be owned by players from the five kingdoms and it’s really worth your attention.

We believe that potential players of this project will earn hundreds of dollars on this game, and users who are able to develop and manage multiple cities and villages could earn thousands of dollars. This may sound extremely crazy, but we are already in the future!

2. Big Time

The next game worth mentioning on our list of the best projects of 2022 NFT is Big Time. This game could become a real event in the world of NFT games because it was founded by Decentraland. And if you know anything about decentralized worlds then you know exactly what it is, because it was the first such game and that’s why we think they are ready to do something more.

This game runs on PC and X-Box consoles in the action-RPG genre and is really excited that you can play the game and mine cryptocurrency and also collect NFT items and make real money with it. Big Time is literally a battle in time and space. You travel through time, gather more and more coins to increase the size of your machine, and gain the opportunity to put entire worlds in it. It’s just a cool concept for a metaverse. The level of the game’s developers is really high.

3. Guild of guards

Another game that is sure to make someone a lot of money in 2022 is called Guild of Guardians. Unlike other games we have mentioned before, this game is mobile, and this fact allows developers and studios to attract the maximum audience. Because not everyone has a good PC, but almost everyone goes with a smartphone.

We believe this game has the potential to make BOOM in 2022. It is a multiplayer fantasy game in which users create a team of guards of their dreams and will compete in guilds to earn epic rewards which can be exchanged for real money.

4. The Sandbox

This project was introduced by the developers back in December 2021. This is a crypto sandbox with a metaverse where a lot of different lands are for sale, a whole game creator, and a bunch of developers who are willing to create games within the game. It’s like Roblox, only with blockchain and NFT.

It can bring a lot of money to people who are willing to invest in the game. So if you invest in the game and own the land then you can develop your own game and your own NFT items that you can sell and earn income. So this is a really exciting project that can surprise and be a really great game.

5. Illuvium

We will now tell you about a game called Illuvium. It is an adventure RPG game with an open world. In Illuvium you will need to travel across a vast and varied landscape in search of creatures to hunt. The combat system is presented here with the very creatures that you collect into one team, which may remind you of the game Pokemon Go. Each of the creatures has its own class and abilities. By crossing your in-game creatures you can improve them and create more powerful forms.

The game is divided into three parts.

First, you can simply search for rare creatures and sell them for Ethereum.

The second is to participate in PVP modes and capture these creatures from other users.

The third is to own land within the game and produce resources that you can sell.

We think this game will be a great success in the future.

6. Crazy Defense Heroes

This is one of our most popular games that completely requires no investment from you. In Crazy Defense Heroes you need to collect hero cards and form combat units, placing them on the playing field to defend your kingdom from monsters. But the most important thing to start the game is that no initial investment is required. And many will appreciate that this game can be played on their phones. NFT cards are a key component of the gameplay.


This is again a completely free NFT first-person shooter right in your web browser. The game has several modes such as Deathmatch, Battle-Royale, and others. So if you are a fan of shooters then we definitely advise you to try this game because you do not need to fill up there a penny from your wallet.

8. Defi Kingdoms

Next on our list of “Top 10 NFT games of 2022” is an interesting project called Defi Kingdoms. A massive cryptocurrency project that harmoniously merges the metaverse, DeFi, and NFT. To play you need a browser and a Meta Musk wallet.

The game has two options – to invest and earn income or to play and earn. You need to buy heroes who can then be sent on quests. You can choose a hero according to his profession and you can go fishing, forestry, gardening or be a miner.

9. Ember Sword

It is a unique free NFT project with a player-controlled economy, a classless fighting system, and rare collectibles for sale. It is an RPG project where you have to establish your character, decide your starting point, and set off into a mysterious world. You can fight other monsters in Ember Sword, bosses of course, and of course other players, or simply be a peaceful resource gatherer and become the best at crafting weapons and armor.

10. Second Live

The entry threshold for this game is free to play. The game is reminiscent of the very popular Sims game. It is installed on your computer (supported on Windows and Mac). You create your character, you can play in the open world and earn money playing mini-games. The game has great potential because the Binance brand is behind it.

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