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Let’s start this article with a little enlightening information about what Polygon (MATIC) is all about. Polygon is a network that aims to increase the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain and of course reduce transaction fees. It is one of the most popular blockchain ecosystems in 2022 and currently has approximately seven thousand decentralized applications and NFT games on its books. It first launched in 2017, with the first launch still in test mode. Already in 2019, in April, the developers of Polygon unveiled the MATIC token.

What are the differences and advantages of the Polygon ecosystem over others?

Polygon opens up the possibility of creating an application aimed at fast operations. Also, we can emphasize one of the advantages – EVM compatibility. This means that Polygon can take resources from Ethereum because the network is built on top of it. 

People are starting to produce NFT games based on Polygon, due to the ability to send Ethereum tokens to Polygon addresses, and also due to the speed of transactions and its cheap price. 

In this article “Polygon Games NFT” we’ll tell you about the best NFT games based on the Polygon ecosystem.

1. Pulsar Farm

This is a very popular game project that runs on the Polygon network. The game has combined the following elements: interesting gameplay, farming items, and the ability to receive and dispose of NFT. There is also available PvP mode, which makes this game really interesting and exciting. NFT items in this game are in the form of pets from other planets. You progress, increasing your level in the game after defeating your opponent. If you beat your opponent several times, you get more rewards. Those players at the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with additional tokens by the developers, which can be converted into real money. In the arena battles, you will participate with your alien pets. This is the most important element of the game, without it you cannot do anything, including earning in-game tokens. 

It is a safe game because it protects and assures its users that their investment in the game is secure. Not only PvP but also PvE mode is available in the game. What is the essence of this mode? This is the beginning of the game, the first step in which you get the tokens for which you can buy a pet. But for the player to be able to start the game in PvP mode – you will need to make an initial payment.

2. Karmaverse Zombie

This recently released soft game has already managed to win over many users. This game is suitable for both Android devices and IOS systems. In this game, you can earn so not bad. In this game, you need to earn and produce a blue elixir called Serum. When you register, you will initially be given 20 of these coins. The minimum withdrawal from this game starts at 100 Serum. 

How do I earn this elixir? The game has a battle pass in which there will be various combat tasks, by completing them you increase your level. You can choose between free and paid battle passes. The difference between them is that in the paid pass the rewards will be much greater. For each level you raise, you will be rewarded with Serum Elixir. If you want to multiply your profits the game has a referral system. This means that by inviting friends to the game you will receive for them Elixir. In this game, you can pump your characters, strengthen them, and much more. This project has a user-friendly interface and nice graphics.

3. Sunflower Land

For today, you will first need to purchase land, which can be obtained for 1 Matic. Without land, you will not be able to play and make a profit here. You will be given a huge farm with five beds on which you can plant and harvest various crops, that is, perform all the functions that farmers do in real life. As you develop in the game, you will have the opportunity to increase your plot to 22 beds. You can also raise animals to get products from them. Your main house will be located on the farm map, which shows all your skills, tasks, and personal achievements. 

The game is very interesting, it even has an in-game store where you can buy and sell crops that you just picked from your garden. To unlock the rest of the areas on the map, you need to get rid of four small evil goblins on the map. To grow various crops in the beds, you will first need to buy seeds from the store and sow the field. The amount of time a plant takes to mature depends on the plant itself. Some plants will take you only a few minutes, while others can take hours to mature. For selling your harvest, you will receive valuable tokens. The most important and valuable resource of this game is gold. It is often used to craft items and NFT.

4. Mine Barons

This project appeared quite a long time ago on the Polygon network. A strategic game with a closed economy. Unlike all other projects with constant and rapid overproduction of resources and inflation, here the resources are always needed for defense, war, construction, and the rest. Therefore all of these resources may be in short supply and thus can affect the rate and cost of these resources. This is a really interesting game to get stuck in for a long time. 

The main objectives of this project are:

  • Developing your kingdom
  • Seize other lands
  • Fight wars with other users
  • Breed livestock
  • Breed Men

All of the game’s resources can be sold on various exchanges and you can also easily sell them on a marketplace called Openside. The game is a web browser-based game. The interface and gameplay are very nice, this game is definitely worth your attention. We can categorize this project as one of the best in our Polygon Games NFT list. 

5. Ethlas 

This project is also among the best Polygon games. The project includes mini-games that change and are updated every day and here we get a certain token. You can change them into real money and earn profit. You have ten energy units available per day. This means that you can play 10 games a day. By playing these games you will get rewards. The project is very simple and easy to understand for everyone, even a child can understand it.


These projects on the Polygon network are currently very popular. In this article, we have described the 5 best of them and you can choose at least one that you like.

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