NFT Games: Сar Edition

This article is sure to appeal to fans of cars and making money. Let’s find out what the main difference is between regular racing video games and car racing NFT games. 

As a rule, regular video games with cars and races are more with high-quality graphics and complicated storylines and mechanics. In turn, NFT car games are lightweight game projects that anyone can understand. These games usually work in a web browser. But their main difference is not the graphics, not the mechanics, not even the plot. The main difference between these games – is the opportunity to earn money on these projects. In normal video games, there are no such opportunities, there, on the contrary, everything is built in such a way that you would spend your money buying some additional options or improvements. In-car racing NFT games you can not only enjoy the gameplay itself, which is not unimportant but also make it your source of income. Agree, it sounds very attractive.

Then let’s break it down in this article, “NFT games: Car Edition”, where we describe the best projects of this kind.

1. Alpha League Racing

At the top of our list is a project called Alpha League Racing. It’s a third-person browser game in which you race cars. This is a 3D game in which you own your own cars, which in turn are NFT items that you can buy or sell on the marketplaces. By winning the races you will get different rewards. 

You can also participate in tournaments and earn even more rewards and gain valuable experience. The game appeared in the crypto-world back in 2021, but since then it still hasn’t gained popularity. But we think it’s a promising game because of its features and different tournaments. 

2. Monster Racing League

This is a kind of play2earn game. It will be available on Steam. There are two race modes available. Before the race begins, you will have a choice of four monster characters. Each character is unique, with its own set of abilities and characteristics. You will be able to choose super abilities such as smoke, missiles, nitro, shield, storm, hammer, and more. 

The game will be played in the third person with the camera position constantly changing on the turns. To win you need to use superpowers, acceleration, firing missiles at other characters, and more. This will be the whole game, it is very simple, and even the child will understand it. You will be rewarded for finishing first. That’s the way you can profit from this game. The game has nice graphics and a nice interface.

3. Riot Racers

The next game on our list “NFT Games: Car Edition” is a racing simulator. On this project, you can get a high profit. The thing is that the game has a rental system. This means that you can create your own tournaments and run races, you can also rent cars and make money on them. All of the parts and items in the game that you will own are NFT items that you will be able to sell. 

4. REVV Racing 

What is this game all about? Just like the other NFT games, this project is all about having fun and making money. Earnings come out of participating in races and different racing tournaments. You will get tokens that in turn can be exchanged for real money, but the most valuable thing here is the cars. They are NFT items and can reach a value of up to two hundred US dollars. 

By completing daily tasks you can get new machines. Each car is unique and individual because it has its own characteristics such as speed, weight, handling, and the rest. All these affect the outcome of your race. Minus of this game is that the users of weak PC this game are not suitable. It has high demands on the characteristics of your computer. 

The races will take place in the third person. The game is very interesting because it needs to go not only straight ahead but to pass interesting maps and even drift in the turns. One vehicle is designed for a certain number of races. This project also has one nuance. All rewards for participating in races you will not be awarded immediately after the race but over time. The logic of the game is simple: the higher your place in the ranking table, the higher your earnings from it.


This game is suitable for owners of not weak PCs because the game has high graphics despite the fact that it is a browser-based game. You can gain profit from this game in the following ways: owning NFT items that have real value, you can buy, sell and exchange such assets; like other games on our list this is a play-to-earn game and in it, you can get assets from the game and tokens that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency; winning races and tournaments you will be awarded, through this you can buy new NFT items or upgrade old ones, namely cars, racers and more. 

The gameplay takes place on various race tracks with beautiful views. The game is interesting because you can play in different modes and pass levels. In total, there are ten such levels, after which each user can improve the level of his vehicle that would be stronger and faster. If you want to earn more you can personally create products for the game and sell them to other users. 

6. RaceFi

A very cool project thanks to both PvE and PvP modes. Cars, tracks, terrain, and all in the form of NFT. Gameplay consists of the fact that you buy a car, fill it with gasoline and compete with other players. Let’s take a closer look at the two modes. In PvE mode, you will need to pass a certain time and complete all assigned tasks. In PvP mode, it is obvious that you need to outrun your rivals, but the game also comes with a combat part. 

There will not be any restrictions on time, and the goal will stand in the destruction of all vehicles. To do this, the game offers superpowers such as nitro, shields, guns, and more. You can also participate in tournaments with quite a lot of prize money. There you will be able to join together into teams to achieve victory.


NFT racing games are a very interesting genre as they are very different from their competitors. These are the projects for true fans of epic races, speed, and adrenaline. Above we have described in detail 6 of these games that are sure to please you.

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